I use the following tools in my work:

  • Lightwave 3D from Newtek

  • Lightwave has been my workhorse for a number of years.  It has (arguably) the best polygon modeller and renderer on the planet.
  • Photoshop from Adobe

  • For still 2D work.
  • Combustion from discreet

  • For compositing and effects work on  image sequences.  This is a highend PC based compositor building on the technology from discreet's line of highend SGI products like Flame and Inferno.
  • Maya from Alias/Wavefront

  • We use this at AnimagicNet for character animation.
  • Renderman from Pixar

  • The famous rendering software.  Or really not.  Renderman is actually an interface standard for interfacing between modeller/animation software and rendering software.  It is thus NOT a renderer.  There are however Renderman compliant renderers such as Pixars PRman and the freeware renderer BMRT

My Plugins

Lightwave plugins

  • Forest - plant distant forests in Lightwave