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Work - VFX

I work as a VFX Supervisor / compositor at Storm Studios in Oslo, Norway.  VFX stands for Visual Effects and are defined as effects in movies that are made after the film shoot has finished opposed to effects such as for example live pyro, rain and wind machines that do their job during filming.  VFX spans as diverse subjects as chenging the sky, adding digital sets, adding digital creatures and even changing how actors look after the filming has ended.

As VFX supervisor I will get the script early on and start breaking it down to plan how to use visual effects to meet the director's vision.  I will be on set during filming and make sure that any requirements we may have to the work done on set is met and to take notes about what went on , including meassurements of the set, lights, camera data etc.  I will then have the responsibility for a team of people and make sure that we together fullfill the director's vision for the movie.

Compositing is the process of assembling all the elemetns for a particular scene, put them toghether and make sure that it looks like the finished image was just filmed like any other scene.  Elements may include filmed images, actors or item in fromt of greenscreens or bluescreens, still images, painted images (matte paintings), digitally created image or just about anything that will fool the audience to believe that the final image is what was filmed on the day.

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